RMSI gives a new reason to celebrate Ramadan



August, 2012 Dubai
Press Release


A new reason to celebrate Ramadan, Afghanistan hospital receives critical medical supplies from RMSI


RMSI, gets into the spirit of giving this Ramadan by donating lifesaving medical supplies to Ibnesina Emergency Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan


RMSI, a Dubai-based medical solutions company has given the Afghanistan village of Kabul a special reason to give thanks this Ramadan. Entering into the spirit of compassion and gift giving, the international medical provider has donated critical medical supplies to Ibnesina Emergency Hospital. The donation provides welcome relief to the hospital , which is desperately under resourced and under staffed.


No stranger to providing urgent medical support in desperate circumstances, RMSI CEO Rob Lamb feels strongly about providing support where and when its needed most. 


“It is sobering to be able to make such a dramatic difference in a community. This hospital was lacking some of the very basics in medical care, unable to access lifesaving treatments that we take for granted.       


We have the upmost respect for the director and staff at Ibnesina Emergency Hospital who work tirelessly to care for the community, often treating 800 patients a day while working with limited resources” 


Earlier in the year RMSI also  made a humanitarian visit to a children’s hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan where they donated toys, vital medical equipment and supplies to the poverty-stricken Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital.


RMSI is a medical solutions company that provides medical care and emergency rescue in some of the most hostile areas of the world, including war torn areas within the Middle East and Africa. 


Its second donation in Kabul is part of RMSI’s mandate to provide medical support where it’s needed most.  A company that is constantly on the move, RMSI has planned further hospital trips in the cities and villages where they operate throughout 2012.



About RMSI:

RMSI brings world-class medical care and medical services into hostile territories worldwide where war or conflict has created an unstable environment. Headquartered in Dubai, RMSI has operations in countries across the entire Middle East and North Africa region. RMSI is the exclusive alliance partner in hostile territories of International SOS - the world’s largest integrated medical assistance company.  As an alliance partner, RMSI is the exclusive agency appointed to manage operations in hostile environments.


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