Medical specialist team prepares for hostile waters



Dubai-based medical solutions company, RMSI, has extended its hostile area specialist capabilities to include operations in hostile waters with staff undergoing specialist sea survival and helicopter underwater escape training.



The training equipped participants with specialized skills in how to deal with exposure to hypothermia, maritime fire fighting on board vessels and maritime rescue.


Commenting on the course, Training and Quality Manager, Avishkar Motilal, said: "This course will empower RMSI staff to be able to deal with any situation whether land or sea and adds a new dimension to our already extensive skillset.


"Prevention and protection are central to RMSI's mission statement and we continually strive to safeguard and serve our clients in any situation, wherever and whenever."


A key component of the training session was helicopter underwater escape training (HUET) during which participants are spun around in a mock helicopter underwater. Once the spinning stops, the team is left suspended upside down. Disorientated, they must free themselves from their seat constraints and perform various tasks before finally evacuating the cubicle and swimming to the surface.


Conducted by maritime education and training school, Emirates International Maritime Academy (EIMA) in partnership with safety training provider SMTC, the training gave an invaluable insight into offshore survival techniques. In addition, it further bolsters RMSI's technical skills and practical knowledge in delivering offshore medical services.


RMSI operates in unstable environments like Iraq and Afghanistan and provides fully integrated medical support services including on-site medical clinics, field hospitals and both ground and air ambulance services.


About RMSI:

RMSI brings world-class medical care and medical services into hostile territories worldwide where war or conflict has created an unstable environment. Headquartered in Dubai, RMSI has operations in countries across the entire Middle East and North Africa region. RMSI is the exclusive alliance partner in hostile territories of International SOS - the world's largest integrated medical assistance company. As an alliance partner, RMSI is the exclusive agency appointed to manage operations in hostile environments.


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