Operations Support Centre


24 hour Emergency Air Ambulance
(Middle East/Central Asia/North Africa)


E-mail: emergency@rmsi-medicalsolutions.com
T: +971 (0)4 253 6188
F: +971 (0)4 601 8899


RMSI's 24hr Operations Support Centre is located in Dubai, UAE. A modern, state of the art facility using technological innovation to support staff and patients in the field, the RMSI Operations Support Centre is truly the nerve centre of RMSI's international operations. The Operations Support Centre team consists of specialist aviation, medical and coordination staff providing command and control for the complex missions performed by RMSI, a task with no room for error.

RMSI medics on the frontline link in with senior RMSI doctors when a patient's condition is beyond field capabilities. From there, the RMSI Operations Support Centre will initiate rotary or fixed wing MEDEVAC responses. In-country primary response teams will either arrange for further in-country care, or co ordinate with RMSI Jet Air Ambulances for international evacuation.

The RMSI Operations Support Centre will prepare quotations, arrange clinical admissions to various international hospitals, organize ground ambulance transfers, perform flight tracking and maintain constant client communication throughout the mission.